The most useful, powerful features at your fingertips.

User-friendly, minimal learning curve

Web Administration Panel

Web-based interface to manage call settings & monitoring

Campaign DID Management

Create campaign user tied to unique DID

Service Time

Operating Hours, After Office Hours, Public Holidays

Agent Pool

Create Agent Pool, assign agents to the pool

Agent Management

Create agent account to receive calls via softphone

Interactive Voice Response

Configured for various phone key press responses.

Call Distribution

Most Available Agent, Round Robin, Round Robin With Memory, Ring All

Call Recording

Each call will be recorded and can be accessed via web panel


Auto answer, AUX status, Hold, Transfer, URL Display, Toggle Status

User Dashboard

Summary of interactions and announcements

Call Billing

Displays call transactions

Rates Management

Manage rates based on prefixes

Supervisory Panel

Monitor real-time statuses of agents


Displays KPIs based on agent campaign groups

Integrated CRM

Inbound and/or outbound modules with Computer Telephony Integration

Multi-device Routing

Able to route calls to different answering devices