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On-Demand Workforce Awakens

Virtual Workforce is an on-demand Contact Center Workforce Marketplace that facilitates the supply chain process of agent recruitment, on-boarding, training, certification, supervision, measurement and community. DAREWORKFORCE recruits large number of independent agents to serve the Asia-Pacific markets on our existing on-demand Virtual Contact Center platform or third party outsourcers. The elements of collaboration, measurement and supervision are designed for virtual work.

• Qualified Agents - We deliver uniqueness and quality

• Trained Agents - Delivering fast and excellent results

• Certified Agents - Satisfied clients thanks to our experience


Own Your Own Business

Independent agents enjoy their work and the flexibility that comes from running their own businesses. The agents originate from diverse backgrounds and robust skill sets.

Financial Freedom

A home-based business saves big on commute time, gas consumption, and dry cleaning costs. You decide your financial freedom by deciding how much you would like to make.

Personal Time

Time truly belongs to you. You decide how often you would want to provide services. You can enjoy quality time spent with your family and your loved ones.

The Virtues of Flexibility

No long commutes. No permanent schedules. We offer opportunities that reward your experience and dedication. As independent contractors, you would be very motivated to succeed in order to increase revenues for your home-based business.

Strong Sence of Community

We ensure a strong sense of community among the agents even amidst a distributed workforce. Your lifestyle is unique, and you’re given the avenue to share with one another. DAREWORKFORCE provides both a forum and real-time chat that agents use to exchange thoughts on best practices and build team morale.

How it Works

Step 1

Confirm that you meet all technical requirements. This includes the computer, internet, phone, headsets and home office requirements. Kindly review details on our website under our FAQ and Qualifications sections.

Step 2

Complete the online application.

Step 3

Conduct a voice audition. We will provide you a number to call and record a message. Our recruiters will evaluate your voice for tone, enunciation and overall phone personality.

Step 4

Complete a skills assessment. This assessment evaluates a number of skills such as comprehension, situational judgments, work preferences and a brief job simulation.

Step 5

Participate in a phone interview. During this interview you will learn more about DAREWORKFORCE and currently available programs. If we accept you and able to find a program opportunity that matches your skill sets, you will receive a contract offer!

How to Qualify

We seek individuals with these traits:

• Motivation and desire for a challenging and rewarding career opportunity

• Professional, pleasant phone personality

• Able to work independently

• Self-starter and disciplined; not easily distracted while working at home

• Ability to quickly identify, empathize, establish trust, and solve a caller’s problem

• Strong work ethic Ability to trouble-shoot and fix minor problems with computer system Strong computer navigation skills, such as toggling between at least five windows simultaneously, and being good at keyboard commands

Technical Requirements

• Computer

• Internet Access

• Telephone

• Headset

• Home Office


DAREWORKFORCE offers industry-leading training programs. You will be thoroughly trained on the products for the specific client you support. Also, we offer initial and ongoing programs on customer service fundamentals and best practices.

All training is done remotely from the comfort of your home, unless on-site training is required by the customer. In that case, we would notify you before accepting the position. Courses vary by client requirements and by the number of trainees for a given program. We offer training sessions where training schedules are fixed and 100% attendance is compulsory.

You will be tested during your training to ensure your prepardness once you start answering calls. We require that all of our agents successfully pass all of the training tests. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most qualified contact center professionals.


At DAREWORKFORCE, you are part of a team that is dedicated to professional work. Although you will work from home, you are never alone. Our team leaders, supervisors and mentors are always available to help you. We are here to help you succeed; because your success is our success.

Occasionally, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with others on your team, your program or across the company. We host periodic company events, focus groups, community events and local social gatherings.

DAREWORKFORCE is dedicated to the principles of equal employment opportunity. We do not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of age, race, sex, color, religion, disability, or any other status protected by local laws. DAREWORKFORCE will provide reasonable adjustments for qualified individuals with known disabilities.

A Day In The Life Of Our Virtual Agents


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