Between 2010-2014, Superceed developed and marketed Virtual Contact Center, a hosted contact center applications and platform to help companies run and manage contact operations without CAPEX. Throughout the commercialization period, Superceed participated in the contact center services market as a technology enabler. The contact center outsourcing market was highly competitive. Everyone was competing to outdo each other in terms of pricing or services features. It was a classical Red Ocean market.

Thoughts started to emerge on whether there was an untapped potential in contact center services market. Hence, began our epic journey in search of a Blue Ocean strategy, giving birth to Superceed Universe.

Superceed Universe aspires to become the world’s largest contact center operator by leveraging on the collective powers of contact centers worldwide. We are the “Alibaba and Uber of Contact Centers”, targeting the USD300 billion global contact center services market (both outsourced and insourced). We aggregate third party contact centers and independent agents to run projects on our hosted contact center platform. We leverage the “sharing economy” approach to ensure revenues increase exponentially while costs increase linearly.

We offer the following exceptional utilities to customers i.e. On Demand Diversity, Innovative Workforce Alternatives, Best Performing Agents, and Real-time Transparency. We leverage 2 partnership models to scale quickly. In the “Uber model”, we focus on Revenue Generation using Collective Committed Capacity derived from Partner Contact Centers and Independent Agents. In the “Alibaba model”, Partners sell services at their own prices, but are required to run projects on our platform.

Typically, a contact center can only manage 20-30 projects a year. With on demand partners on our Universe plartform, we can manage hundreds or thousands of projects simultaneously across the globe. With anticipations for millions of interactions taking place on our platform, we leverage the use of Artificial Intelligence to automate 4 critical processes: Intelligent Sourcing, Quality Monitoring, Talent Development and Workforce Planning.

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