Introducing SUPERCEED For Sales

The best sales reps are helpful and personal. With Blaze, it's finally possible to deliver that kind of experience at scale. You get everything you need to capture and convert high-quality leads without all the development work that slows things down.

Here's What Happens When You Make the Buying Process Easier

At SUPERCEED, the results have been clear for our sales team. Using real-time messaging is like opening a fastlane for your best leads. This process is called conversational marketing.


net new leads.


of business now driven by conversation.

3 Days

of average from first conversation to demo.


website visitors have conversations.


of conversations now managed by bots.

0 forms

conversations fuel sales pipeline


Turn emails into real-time conversations that close leads faster

SUPERCEED is the only sales platform that lets you deliver a personalized message on your website when prospects click-through your emails. Now you can advance them through your funnel in real-time instead of hoping they go back to their inbox and reply. Not around when your prospect is? No big deal — a chatbot can jump in and book the meeting for you.


Send automated email sequences without any of the busywork

Email sequences shouldn’t require constant management. SUPERCEED automatically opts recipients out of all emails if they send a negative reply. SUPERCEED is also smart enough to unenroll someone from the sequence if they start a conversation on your website, or book a meeting with you. You’ll never have to worry about an unwanted email spoiling the personal touch you want for your prospects.


Spend more of your time selling, and less of it scheduling

Book a meeting with someone at exactly the right time – when they’re qualified and ready to buy. SUPERCEED Bots can book meetings automatically for you. But you can also drop your calendar into any conversation.


Know exactly when VIP buyers visit your site or open an email

SUPERCEED uses data enrichment to identify your important ABM targets and alert you as soon as they’re live on your website. You can also get alerts as soon as prospects open or click an email, so you can jump in and engage in real time.


Chatbots automatically book meetings with qualified leads

Bots work 24/7 to ask qualifying questions for you and share availability from the sales rep’s calendar.

Bots run 24/7 on your website, so when you’re not there to talk to people, they are.

After qualifying them, the bot books a meeting for the lead with the right sales rep.

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