Empower supervisors to monitor real-time and recorded interactions

Our real-time interaction panel gives supervisors an overall view of what everyone is doing. In addition, recorded interactions can be searched. In the case of voice calls, audio transcriptions can be generated.


Displays emotion indicators for every interaction

AI displays the ratio of emotions in each interaction so supervisors can zoom into negative and positive interactions that are important for customer retention and revenue generation.


Empower supervisors to guide and solve issues

Supervisors can listen, guide and participate in an interaction. With tools such as spy, whisper and barge, supervisors can proactively help agent solve issues on the spot. Supervisors can also send push notifications to agents, guiding agents understand and respond to customer emotions.


Streams emotional intelligence as real-time guidance to agents

AI detects human emotions and recommends the best responses to agents. During a negative customer interaction, AI guides the agent to retain the customer. During a positive customer interaction, AI guides the agent to up-sell or cross-sell products or services to the customer.


Tracks emotional journey of customers

AI identifies the critical moments that make or break a customer relationship. AI tells service and sales team who to call based on customer lifetime value and revenue generation opportunity.

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